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My name is Lori Dozier. I am a wife, a mother, a native Texan, a loyal friend to both people and animals, and once upon a time (and occasionally on the weekends!), a licensed speech-language pathologist. I enjoy cooking, singing, reading, painting, impromptu dance parties with my two toddlers, and I love preserving life’s moments through photography!

I have had a love of cameras and photography since childhood. I was always that friend toting around the *big* camera everywhere I went, whether it was my dad’s old Pentax SLR, or the best DSLR I could afford at the time.  Since then, my love and knowledge of photography has continued to grow, as has the size of my camera bag!

I love capturing details, candid moments, connection, true smiles and personalities. I aim to make images that evoke emotion.  I would love to tell your story, to see the real you, to help you capture your memories!

Lori Dozier


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